Monday, December 13, 2010

Who is Talia bat Pessi bat Feige bat Ita bat Gittel?

Well, I suppose it never hurt to give poetry a try...

“Who are you?” they ask me,
like it’s a three-word answer,
like any answer, no matter how long,
could truly grasp who I am,
who anyone is.

I remain silent.
How can I respond?
But they expect an answer.
So I think
Who am I?

I am a multi-faceted Femidox woman,
an Orthodox Jew and feminist equally,
merging the two,
showing that both are compatible,
that feminism is condoned by the Torah.
I am Talia bat Pessi bat Feige bat Ita bat Gittel,
the continuation of the Line of strong Jewish women
dating back to Sarah and Rebecca and Rachel and Leah,
a loudmouth opinionated Jewish feminist,
a woman with a love of unadulterated Judaism
and her people’s historical women,
bringing the downtrodden Jewish women
back to the position they belong,
to a place equal with men,
not above or below,

I’ve made my cholent.
I’ve scrubbed my toilets.
I’ve dealt with misogynistic comments and sexist jokes,
all made under the guise that
Judaism condones it.

I am the woman men have warned me about.

And if you don’t like it,

Because I am me.
And I will not change.
I am Talia bat Pessi bat Feige bat Ita bat Gittel.
It’s all in the name.

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