Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why I Celebrate Thanksgiving

I celebrate Thanksgiving because I am thankful.

I am thankful to this amazing country that we call the United States of America. My grandparents came here after they survived concentration camp, and they were plenty thankful that they were given a refuge after the hell they went through in Europe. They celebrated Thanksgiving every year, with an elaborate meal shared with friends and relatives. They were more than happy to show their appreciation for this country.

And while everyone always points out America’s faults and goes on about how horrible it is to live here, and yeah, there are definitely plenty of things that need to be changed, I think this country is pretty freaking incredible.

Cool stuff I can do as an American woman without getting thrown into jail or executed:
  1. Run a blog that criticizes the government and its officials, as well as religious leaders and practices
  2. Worship the god I believe in as loudly as I want to
  3. Wear what I want
  4. Vote
  5. Run for public office
  6. Drive
  7. Get an abortion
  8. Use birth control
  9. Pursue a higher education
  10. Play in a professional sports team
  11. Marry who I want
  12. Have a credit card in my own name
  13. Own property
  14. Get a divorce and have custody of my children
  15. Receive equal pay for equal work
I know a lot of these things aren’t as great as they seem. No, there is no WNFL, gay marriage is only legal in a few states, and reproductive rights are being threatened and limited every day (among many other unfair practices). But there are women’s football teams and leagues, same-sex couples can be united in marriage in a few states, and women are able to get abortions and use birth control if they choose. In the nineteenth century (and even the mid-twentieth), most of the things listed above weren’t even dreamed of, let alone enacted. Other countries are, unfortunately, at the same point as America in 1850.

So that’s why I’m thankful to this country, and why I celebrate Thanksgiving. Thank you, America. Please continue improving in how awesome you are.

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